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Our Mission

“Loving, Learning and Reaching out to All”

“Education is not about knowing things or taking lessons but about being able to use three lingos: those of the head, the heart, and the hands… learning so that you can think about what you feel and do, can feel what you think and do, and can do what you feel and think. Unity within a person.”

Pope Francis

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School Vision

For our children to fulfil their unique human potential, follow the Gospel values by loving, learning, and reaching out to all. At Our Lady’s our
curriculum is designed to be rich, ambitious, and challenging; one that is broad, balanced, and relevant, fostering curiosity, creativity and a
life-long love of learning for all children. For our children to be aspirational and well prepared for each stage of education, employment or
training and enable them, as educated citizens, to contribute to creating a better world. For our children to have a sound understanding of
their heritage and have open hearts and minds to the diversity in their immediate community and the world beyond. For our children to be
healthy in body and in mind. To give children, who would otherwise not, the opportunity to participate in a range of sports and healthy
activities. For our children to appreciate experience and engage with all forms of the arts. For children to develop the skills within music,
design technology and art to enable them to access a world of possibilities that music and art can offer them both now and later in their

Diversity and inclusion

Following the teachings of Jesus, we aims to create a positive, stimulating and happy environment through which all members of the school community can develop their skills and thrive. The school is committed to ensuring that all members of the community are treated fairly, justly and with respect in every aspect of school life.

Our school celebrates diversity and prides itself on cultivating an environment in which all our staff members, pupils, governors, parents and stakeholders have the freedom to be themselves without judgement or discrimination. 

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