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Our Mission

“Loving, Learning and Reaching out to All”

Our Mission Statement underpins all that we hope to achieve. It is the bedrock of all we do and offers guidance to our whole school community about the way in which we approach daily life in school. Time is given to reflect on our Mission Statement, in order to secure its relevance for our spiritual journey together. You will find attached a copy of our Mission Statement, which includes our aims and objectives. Visiting our school will give you an opportunity to see our Mission Statement lived out by all.

Please see below examples of ways in which we live out our Mission Statement.

A visit to John Joseph Powell Care Home.  

Donating items to our local Food Bank.

Raising funds for those in need.

Each week we recognise the work of our children in living out our Mission Statement. The School Council Award is awarded to those children who have been working hard to be ambassadors for our Mission Statement.

We recently spent a week revisiting our Mission Statement with our school community. Please see some images that show some of the great work carried out.

CW Mission Statement

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