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Y5 Archaeologists at the Shakespeare North Dig
in Prescot January 2018


The title ‘Humanities’ refers to those areas of the curriculum delivered through the single subjects of geography, history and citizenship. Experiences in the humanities will promote pupils appreciation of their geographical location and their social communities in the context of the wider world and how theses have changed and developed in the course of time. These experiences should enhance children’s potential to become effective, caring participants in their local community and wider society and promote continuing study and interests for life.

All pupils have a personal history, a sense of place and a set of relationships, which provide the starting point for much of their intellectual understanding and growth. Pupils will compare and contrast their own histories with those of people separated by time and distance. Tasks are structured to allow pupil opportunities to develop critical awareness of similarities and differences between people, places and events. It is through the humanities that children make sense of their world and enrich their understanding of it. It is a tool of learning and communication and the skills developed through the study of humanities are applicable in everyday life. It fires curiosity about life and lives both past and present in Britain and the wider world.

Take a look at our curriculum maps to find out more!

Geography Curriculum Plan 2022-2023

History Curriculum Plan 2022-23

Here’s what our children say about geography and history in Our Lady’s…



History Geography
Year 1 ‘I loved working with the iPads to make our own film about space!’
‘I loved interviewing my dad and finding out about the toys he had when he was little’
‘I loved learning about autumn because we went outside and explored. We were allowed to collect things and feel the mud.’
Year 2

‘I love learning about the past and working with our friends’

‘I love using the I-pads to research’

‘Using google earth was so much fun’
Year 3 ‘I love looking at weapons and armour. It was even better when we were able to make our own!’ ‘I loved when the classroom was set up as if there had been a natural disaster!’
Year 4 ‘I love making things from the past like baking oatcakes’ ‘I love visiting Liverpool and finding out more about our city’
Year 5 ‘I love finding out about how my family members lived many years ago’ ‘I would love to explore the world one day so I love learning about new places’
Year 6 ‘I love learning about different cultures and finding out how other people around the world lived before us.’ ‘I really put myself to a test when I navigate around a map.’


We also asked our children their view on how to make these topics even better.
Here’s what they suggested…

Year 1

Let’s go outside for every topic!

Can we focus on how things work in our toys topic?

Year 2 Can we go on more trips out?
Year 3 Can we go on a trip to a museum?
Can we look at the past in different countries?
Year 4 Can we go on more trips around Liverpool?
Can we do it more often?
Year 5 Can we taste food from different countries?
Can we watch more horrible histories?
Year 6 Let’s read more class novels about our topics and watch videos about them too.

How can we help and support our children at home?

Take a look at our curriculum maps at the top of this page. There are lots of helpful tips for every topic!
Have a look at these websites for additional ways to engage and support children at home.
(Please visit these websites first to load the exact page you would like your child to see as topics range from KS1 to KS3)

BBC Bitesize Geography
Google Earth
BBC History
Horrible Histories

If you have any ways that you can help our school with geography and history please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Culvin.  Maybe you have non-fiction books at home, art experience, artefacts from a certain era or know someone who could come and talk to the children about a specific topic.

We are always so grateful for the continued support of the parents at Our Lady’s.


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