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Art & Design and Design & Technology

Art & Design and Design & Technology at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

At Our Lady’s, we aim to deliver the opportunities for our children to explore their creativity and imagination through both Art & Design and Design & Technology. Both subjects enable our children to express their skills and thought processes using colour, texture, pattern and materials in ways that they cannot access in other areas of the curriculum. The children at our school develop knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to evaluate their own work. This encourages their confidence to become a more independent learner, which they can translate into their other subjects across the curriculum. We have created our Art and D.T. curriculums so that where possible, links are made with the other subjects they are already covering in class, for example, History, Geography and Science topics, which further enhances their learning experiences.

Our Art curriculum, ensures the children experience using lots of different techniques and materials to create their art work. All year groups cover different famous artists which inspires their thinking and creativity whilst developing their knowledge and skills.

Our D.T. curriculum, ensures that the children have the opportunities to cover all areas of the Design and Technology criteria, as set out in the National Curriculum, including, Textiles, Mechanisms, Structures, Electrical Systems and Cooking & Nutrition.

DT Curriculum Overview 2022-2023

Art Curriculum Overview 2022-2023



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