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Results/Performance Data


Please find below a link to the Department for Education’s (DfE) achievement and attainment tables (AAT) and details of the school’s latest Key Stage 2 attainment and progress measures:’s-catholic-primary-school 


SATs Phonics and EYFS assessment results July 2022

EYFS Good Level of Development at Our Lady’s 73%, Knowsley average 58.7%, National average 65.2%

Phonics test Y1 at Our Lady’s 83% at expected level.

Key Stage 2 SATs at expected level in Our Lady’s: Reading 90%, Spelling and Grammar 87%, Maths 80% and Writing 63%.

These results compare very favourably with the National expected levels of: Reading 74%, Spelling and Grammar 72%, Maths 71% and Writing 69%. We do not as yet September 2022 have the Knowsley average for comparison.


SATs results 2019

Reading attainment 93%, progress +4.3
Writing attainment 79%, progress +1.8
Maths attainment 79% progress +1.8

Well done to all of our hardworking children and staff. We are very proud of you all.  You achieved the highest results in reading in the whole of Knowsley.

Performance Tables

2018 Results

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