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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadship Team

  • Headteacher: Mr Boyle (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs Sutton (Y2, Key Stage One Lead, English Lead, Behaviour Lead, Student Mentor Manager, Curriculum Lead and Assessment and Reporting Lead Lead ) 
  • Senior Teacher/SENCO: Mrs McCoy (EYFS, Student Mentor)
  • Pastoral / Business Manager /Designated Safeguarding Lead : Mrs Rawsthorne

Teaching Staff

  • Class Teacher: Mrs Poole (Y1, Art & Design Technology Lead)
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Jacobson (Reception, EYFS Lead,  Early Help and Deputy Safeguarding Lead.)
  • Class Teacher: Ms Donaghey (Y3 and RE, Catholic Life and RSE Lead, Student Mentor)
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Kelly ( Y3, Science Lead)
  • Class Teacher: Mr Healey (PE Specialist across school, Healthy School PHSE Lead)
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Scott-Cooney (Y6, Pupil Premium Lead, IT, Music and MFL Lead)
  • Class Teacher: Miss Scott (Y5 and Maths Lead ) 
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dally
  • (NNEB) Nursery Nurse: Ms Donougher 
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Connolly 
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Corns 
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Fletcher  
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Lee 
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs O’Brien 
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Ormrod 
  • Classroom Assistant:  Miss Royale (1:1 SEN)
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Campbell 
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Meaney
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Lyle
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Jeffrey
  • Classroom Assistant: Mr Anders (1:1 SEN)
  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Quinn

Admin Team

  • Business Manager: Mrs Rawsthorne
  • Administrator: Mrs Lowry
  • Administrator: Mrs Moffitt
  • Site Manager: Mr Gillespie

Midday Supervisors:

  • Mrs Jeffery
  • Mrs Sharma
  • Mrs Meaney
  • Mrs Purcell
  • Mrs Quinn
  • Miss Scales

Our Lollipop Man is Martin

Our Kitchen Staff:

  • Mrs Simms
  • Mrs Dunn
  • Miss Davenport

Our Cleaning Staff:

  • Mrs Simms
  • Mrs Jones
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