Year 6

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Welcome to year 6 and your last year in primary school! This is a really important year as you are now the role models for the other children in our school. There is a lot of work to do, but a lot of fun to be had too. Not only will you go on our fabulous residential trip to Robin Wood, you’ll also prepare for and take your SAT tests. Throughout the year you will develop your learning powers as well as building your independence, resilience, organisational and communication skills so that you are fully ready to take the next big step to secondary school.

Year Six Staff:

Mrs Smith (Deputy Head), Mrs Sutton and Mrs Corns

As we near the time of our National Curriculum Tests it’s important to keep our skills sharp. Try out some of the websites and Apps in the list below.

Useful Websites and Apps for SATs revision 

January 2020

What better way to start a new year than by looking back into the rich history and heritage of our local community. We visitied the Liverpool Maratime Museum to explore the hostory of the luxury liner The Lusitania and the impact of it’s sinking on the world. We also explored the Battle of the Atlantic and the importance of Liverpool’s docks during World War 2.

November 2019

Year 6 performed their production of Macbeth at the Shakespeare School Festival with a 1920s twist on the classic story.

What the children thought…

Bethany – ‘I have grown in confidence. I thought that everyone did well and I would definitely do it again’

Sarra – ‘I enjoyed the rehearsals and the build up to the performance. It was one of the best nights of my life’

James – ‘What I enjoyed most was the roar from the crowd. I was most nervous when we did the first scene because I needed to keep a straight face’

Ava – ‘Through the practicing of Macbeth our class has a nicer bond with each other than before. I personally think we have achieved so much in a short amount of time’

Anthony – ‘I loved the performance, I thought everyone got a character they played well’

Charlie – ‘It was absolutely remarkable, I loved being part of the play’

Bella – ‘My performance of Macbeth was very special because I loved my costume. It was lovely to see my family watching me’

Poppy – ‘It was a great experience, I would love to do it again’

What the audience thought…

Parent – ‘You could tell that it was well rehearsed, the acting was brilliant’

Grandparent – ‘It was excellent, it seemed very professional, the way everybody dressed suited the characters’

Parent – ‘I really enjoyed the Macbeth performance! The children were so confident and well rehearsed. We all had a lovely evening’

Aunty – ‘I found it very interesting, like a murder mystery’

Parent – ‘The acting was to a high standard and I really enjoyed watching the performance’

Parent – ‘I thought the cast were brilliant, it made me look up Macbeth on Google’

Sister – ‘I could follow along with the language and thought everyone’s voices were very expressive’

Parent – ‘I was so impressed with the adaptation of the play into a “1920s Gangster” themed version, but kept the essence of the original story’

Grandparent – ‘It explained the story of Macbeth really well. The acting was fantastic, the costumes and props brought the production to life’

October 2019

We were lucky to recieve a visit from a very special trophy today!

St. Helens RLFC brought in the Grand Final Trophy for us to see.