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Religious Education

Religious Education Statement
Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

Religious Education is the core subject in the curriculum and influences all that we teach and enables us to develop the whole person.

Through religious education teaching and learning, we aim to…

Provide each child with the opportunity to develop their relationship with God.

Promote knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life.

Develop awareness and understanding of the impact of faith upon our daily lives.

Foster attitudes of respect towards all who live in our society.

The ‘Come and See’ programme which we follow at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, offers the opportunity to explore, discover and respond. The programme supports the belief of Christ being at the centre of all that we do. In each of the terms, it addresses 3 key questions to be explored through the teaching and learning in the different topics…

Where do I come from? (Autumn term)

Who am I? (Spring term)

Why am I here? (Summer term)

Across the academic year, the children are involved in studying 9 themes. The themes are explored over 4 week periods. The children are given time to explore the theme, reveal the meaning of the Scripture and the Church’s teachings and reflection on their own learning and experiences.

There are three different types of themes within ‘Come and See’, each theme is covered once a term.

Church theme

Sacramental theme

Christian Living theme


Yearly Planning Overview


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