The full school sport premium £9700 is used to partially fund our own PE specialist teacher Mr Healey, who has been working with all the teaching staff in raising the profile and standard of PE at Our Lady’s. Mr Healey will continue this work throughout 2016-17 as well as teaching Y5 with Mrs Smith.

2015 – 2016

Focus/Development AreaEvidenceAction PlanEffective Use of FundingImpact
Professional Learning and CPD in PE• Majority of teaching staff expressed a lack of confidence in teaching 1 or more activity areas in PE.• Review the quality of teaching resources and equipment.
• Review schemes of work and update.
• Provide staff training in various activity areas. (Gymnastics, OAA, Dance, Games)
• PE teacher employed to teach PE and provide CPD for various teachers in highlighted activity areas.
• PE teacher to provide up to date and effective schemes of work across the whole school
• Increased confidence of teachers delivering some areas of the PE curriculum.
• More children receiving 2 hours of higher quality PE every week.
Assessment in PE• Lack of assessment evidence in PE.• Track progress of children in PE.
• Develop an assessment model for PE.
• PE teacher to track progress on a ‘lesson by lesson’ basis using assessment file.
• Information to be inputted to School Pupil Tracker Online.

• Children making better progress in PE.
• Improved personal learning pathways in PE.
Healthy Active Lifestyles• Lack of provision for outdoor play.
• Lack of extra curricular provision.
• Midday supervisors
• More playground equipment and activity areas.
• Welfare staff and midday supervisors training.
• Provide a range of extra curricular opportunities in a range of sports available to whole school from years 1-6.
• PE teacher to apply for funding for equipment.
• PE teacher to deliver training on how to set up mass participation games at lunchtimes.
• PE teacher to organise clubs and create an extra curricular timetable that includes all year groups throughout the whole year.
• Lottery funding granted and used for more playground equipment.
• More children involved in physical activity at lunch and after school clubs.
• School awarded Sainsburys School Games Award.
Bronze 2013-2014
Silver 2014-2015
Silver 2015-2016
• Increase in after school clubs and participation.
• Positive impact on children.
• Children’s attitudes to PE and healthy active lifestyles improved.
Competition for All• Limited opportunities for children to compete at level 1, 2 and possibly 3.
• Limited opportunities for specific cohorts of children (lower/higher ability, SEND, Pupil Premium)
• Increased participation and opportunities for children to compete both in and out of school.
• Develop A and B teams in some sports to achieve ‘Gold’ Sainsburys School Games Award.
• PE teacher to organise and take teams to competitions.
• PE teacher to work with and coach teams on a weekly basis in preparation for competitions.
• Enter as many competitions as possible through the Knowsley School Sport Partnership including SEND focussed events.

• Range of competitions throughout the whole year that are open to all year groups in a variety of sports.

• Level 3 competition at Merseyside School Games in basketball.

• Competition provision for all abilities.
Links and Partnerships• Some links with Rebound Dance. More links need to be forged with clubs etc. to promote child development and signpost children in some sports• Arrange for coaches to deliver tailored sessions in particular sports.
• Attend competitions and festivals organised by clubs, companies, partners etc.
• Make links with clubs and specific coaches and oversee the organisation of sessions delivered in school for a range of year groups in a variety of sports.
• PE teacher to organise and take teams to events.

Developed links with the following: Everton FC
Liverpool FC
St Helens Rugby League
West Park RUFC
Lancashire Cricket Board
Whole School Improvement through PE• Limited leadership opportunities for children in PE.
• Children to take more ownership for their learning.
• Lack of cross curricular links in PE.
• Provide all children (EYFS – Y6) with opportunities to lead warm ups to groups of their peers.
• Opportunities for children to organise small learning activities within PE.
• Opportunities for children to officiate and referee games.
• All children to understand how to deliver a basic warm up.
• Some children given task cards to use when leading tasks.
• PE teacher to make links to different curriculum areas in PE.
• Improved confidence of children.
• Better communication skills evident.
• Children showing better cooperation and ability to work in teams or groups.
• Children reflecting on their classroom learning in PE.


2016 – 2017

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