We have children eligible for pupil premium. 

Please click below for our Pupil Premium Strategy for 2016-17 along with the impact from 2015-16.

Our Lady’s Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-17 and impact 2015-16

Please click the link below to see results of research to support the rationale behind the startegy published above.


Money has previously been spent on for example:  

  • Additional teaching assistant time so that all classes have some additional support, there can be targeted feedback and pupils have grouped Read Write Inc sessions
  • Training for Read Write Inc and purchase of resources
  • Funded places for school trips and residential Y6 trip to Robinwood
  • Enrichment activities within school e.g. Careers Day, Shakespeare Days for Y5 and Y6
  • Funding for extra curricular (sports and mad science) and holiday clubs
  • Upgrading of ICT resources – leasing of ipads
  • Small group tuition by Y6 teacher and Deputy Head: 10 hours after school per pupil
  • Music tuition in guitar, woodwind, brass and keyboards


Y6 at Robinwo


Impact – This is reported to the School Governing Body. See also Pupil Premium Policy in the policies section of this website.

 In 2012 Y6 SATs 100% of our Pupil Premium pupils reached the expected standard in English, Maths and Science

Pupil premium impact 2012-13

20% of our Y6 children were allocated pupil premium

Of these 67% made better than expected progress in writing and 83.5% in maths over the year. This shows an improvement on the previous year for the same children when 33% made better than expected progress in writing and 67% in maths. 100% of the children allocated pupil premium made at least 2 levels progress in reading, writing and maths from Key Stage 1 (Y2). Indeed in maths and writing 50% made better than expected progress with 100% making at least expected progress and 67% better than expected progress in reading from Key Stage 1.

Pupil premium impact 2013-14

Over the whole school with expected progress being 12 months progress see progress made below by Children eligible for Pupil Premium and those eligible for Free School Meals. 19% of children were eligible for Pupil Premium.

Our Lady’s Pupil Premium and FSM Progress across school 2014

The following are detailed progress reports for 2013-14 Year 6 pupils eligible for pupil premium and FSM

Y6 Maths PP 2013-14

Y6 Reading PP 2013-14

Y6 writing PP 2013-14

Pupil Premium 2014-15

16% of children from Reception to Y6 are eligible for pupil premium.

Additionally this year (Oct 2014) the school has performed Shakespeare’s Hamlet at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre. Pupil premium will again be used to afford this opportunity for next year’s Y6 pupils. Cost £795 plus VAT plus supply costs.

Pupil Premium impact 2015 Click here to see impact which includes the trend over last three years:          pp-2015

Pupil Premium 2015-16

Please see top of page for impact within the new Pupil Premium Strategy.