The Early Years Foundation Stage  (EYFS) is the period from birth to 5 years.

During this time children develop at an amazing rate and learn many of the skills which lay firm foundations for life.

Children join our nursery class at age three, having come from a range of settings. They can then apply to enter our Reception class which is still a part of the Foundation Stage. They can move to the Reception Class  in the September of the academic year when they become five. Here at Our Lady’s school, our nursery and reception class are run as a unit.


Early experiences can affect the way children grow and develop. We want the children to have positive experiences which will help them grow and learn, giving them the security and confidence to become well balanced individuals.

Through play in the Foundation Stage, the children can learn new skills, build positive relationships, develop their social skills and learn about the world around them. We encourage independence to aid problem solving and we aim to give children a wide range of experiences.

The Foundation Stage is also the time when children develop better communication skills, gain a wider vocabulary and begin to engage in early literacy and numeracy activities. Children learn better by doing, and thus by taking part in creative activities and using their imagination, they can make sense of their experiences.

There are seven areas of learning in the Foundation Stage:

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development – children will develop confidence, social skills and independence. They will build good relationships and enjoy learning and being part of a group.
  2. Communication and Language – children will learn to use language for communication and develop speaking and listening skills.
  3. Literacy –  children will learn basic early reading and writing skills.
  4. Maths – children will learn to count and calculate with numbers, to understand about shape and measurement and to solve problems.
  5. Understanding the World – the children will learn about living things and the environment, construct and build using a range of materials, and learn how to use computers and other technology.
  6. Physical Development – the children will develop good balance and control of the body, and learn to move around in safety. They will find out about healthy living and be encouraged to have a positive sense of well- being.
  7. Expressive Art and Design – children will use their imagination through art, dance, role play, imaginative play and music.

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