2016-2017 Fixtures and Competitions

20/09/2016 – Y5/6 Rugby Festival

27/09/2016 – Primary Cross Country

29/09/2016 – Y6 Everton FC FUN Football Festival

03/10/2016 – LFC Y1 Multi Skills Festival

10/10/2016 – LFC Y2 Multi Skills Festival

13/10/2016 – Y1 Everton FC FUN Football Festival

20/10/2016 – Y2 Everton FC FUN Football Festival

17/10/2016 – Y3 Everton FC FUN Football Festival

18/01/2017 – LFC Reception Multi Skills Festival

23/01/2017 – Primary SEND Boccia

30/01/2017 – Y 5/6 Basketball at SEA

09/02/2017 – Y4 Everton FC FUN Football Festival

21/02/2017 – Y3/4/5/6 Huyton/Prescot Swimming Gala

02/03/2017 – Y5 Everton FC FUN Football Festival

20/03/2017 – Y3/4/5/6 Boys and Girls Tri-Golf

16/05/2017 – Y4/5/6 Girls Kwik Cricket

25/05/2017 – Y3/4/5/6 Swimming Gala Finals

13/06/2017 – Y4/5/6 Boys and Girls Kwik Cricket

26/06/2017 – Primary Rounders 1

29/06/2017 – Mark Burgan Memorial Football Tournament

03/07/2017 – Primary Rounders 2

05/07/2017 – Barcelona Primary School Football Tournament

Sports Leadership Team – 2016/2017

A big thank you and well done to our Sports Leadership Team for completing Junior Play Leader training delivered by Knowsley School Sport Partnership. The team are working really hard every lunch time to organise games and activities for other children to play and get involved in.










Scores, Results and Success

Knowsley Rugby Union Champions


Congratulations to the year 5/6 rugby squad for their outstanding victory at the Knowsley Tag4Twickenham Rugby Festival.  Every player contributed to a fantastic team performance with some spectacular individual performances too. Unbeaten throughout the whole competition, well done and good luck in the next stages

Year 5/6 Basketball

Congratulations to the school basketball team for such a fantastic and consistent effort in this tournament. The squad were unbeaten in all of their qualifying games. They were faced with strong opposition in the quarter finals but played with organisation and superb team work and were therefore victorious and progressed to the semi finals. Unfortunately, in the semi finals they were narrowly beaten and knocked out of the competition by strong opponents who scored the winning basket with just 7 seconds left on the clock! They demonstrated an outstanding display of effort, team work and attitude throughout the whole competition. Well done!

Year 5/6 Premier League Football Tournament

Congratulations to our year 5/6 boys football team for such a fantastic and consistent performance. Again, unbeaten throughout the group stages and quarter finals of the competition and progressed to the semi finals. Unfortunately, the team were beaten again in the semi finals by the team who went on to win the competition. Better luck next time boys. Well done!

Year 5 EFC FUN Festival

The team consisting of six year 5 and two year4 boys showed fantastic character in progressing all the way to the finals. After a nail biting semi final penalty shoot out, the boys were unfortunately narrowly beaten in the final with just one single goal determining the winners. The boys were extremely unlucky in not progressing to the next round of the competition at Finch Farm although gave a great team performance on the day. Well done gentlemen!

Year 5/6 New Directions and EFC in the Community Basketball Competition

After our semi final success in the Knowsley Primary Basketball we entered another competition involving schools from all across Liverpool. Again the squad displayed superb defensive team work conceding only a few baskets until the semi final stages. There were some fantastic individual performances and some great baskets scored enabling us to qualify to the semi final stages again. Unfortunately, we were again knocked out by a very thorough and talented team that went on to win the competition. Our squad is definitely developing and becoming more confident. Hopefully we will make it to the final stages in our next competition.

Knowsley Primary Swimming Gala

The squad consisting of 15 boys and girls from years 3-6 competed in a range of individual and team races at the gala. With 12 schools entered the competition was always going to be tough and qualifying to the final stages, which is scheduled to take place in May, was never going to be easy. However, the squad performed fantastically and was successful in qualifying for the finals in the following events:

  • Year 3/4 Boys 25m Front Crawl
  • Year 3/4 Girls 25m Breast Stroke
  • Year 5/6 Girls 25m Breast Stroke
  • Year 3/4 Boys 25m Butterfly
  • Year 3/4 Boys Freestyle Relay

Congratulations and well done to all the squad!

Mixed Kwik Cricket Competition @ Prescot and Odyssey Cricket Club

The sun was shining all afternoon, it was sure to be a great day for cricket. With limited preparation time in the summer PE curriculum, we entered and took part in this tournament at a fantastic venue. The squad was very dynamic and showed great adaptability and played superbly progressing to the semi finals but unfortunately were narrowly beaten.